Demand quality

Hi folks - I've been harping on this for decades but it seems that manufacturers are more keen on short term profit than long term sustainability (and acceptance of responsibility for the condition of the earth).  I'm talking about quality.

Quality is difficult to define because it's a variable.  However, as a concept I think that we can all agree that a quality product is something that is made to last (furniture eg) or made to enjoy (food).  Our landfills are overflowing with used and non-recyclable furniture, toys, tools etc that were made to look good but had no staying power.  This is hard on the environment from so many angles - think of the manufacturing processes involved in making junk.  The inputs are much higher, the energy costs are higher, the packaging costs are higher - all because more are made.  

We often think about cost when making a purchase, particularly when we are starting out and have limited resources.  However, attitude about appearance is a big driver.  Do our kids need the latest branded T-shirt, or is a hand-me-down good enough?  Do we need an IKEA bookshelf or is a shelf made of milk crates and old lumber good enough.  There are so many ways to save money, so that the items that you do buy new can be afforded.  Long-term, this will be of massive benefit to individuals and to the earth.

What do you think?  How do we change our thinking to accept only quality items in our lives?

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Demand quality
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