Our Mission

Positive lifestyle networking apps and services that exchange great ideas and solutions for life. Adding value to you, your loved ones, community, animals and earth. It has never been easier to seamlessly empower positive lifestyles and community progress, accessible anywhere, on any device, anytime, using little personal information. A professional winning environment of integrity, solutions and progress. The invaluable resources, that together, strengthen us all in our ethical and sustainable needs.

Our Story

Involved.Earth is a Canadian technology company founded in Alberta in 2009 and has derived from 25 years of networking personal, family and community advance. We are here for the long term focused on solution based technologies for the earth and its inhabitants in the 21st century.

How We Evolved

After decades of online and offline positive reform with personal, family, community and environment, our strategy evolved with harnessing the positive side of social media with the desire to create a distraction free professional networking niche that exchanges proactive pragmatic content for relevant life on earth. Leading the way for pertinent change and adapting to the needs of our world.

Our Moment Of Realization

Our “aha” moment came when we realized the internet did not have any positive, reliable, distraction free, proactive social media. We created an easy to use platform focused on the efficient exchange of knowledge, with enhanced focus and resources towards those most at risk including children, seniors, the disabled, veterans and first responders. The challenges were immense in trying to seek relevance with the idea in the social media world, and this kept us intrigued, working hard, and excited knowing there would be a time in life when people would shift to using mature technologies for progress in their lives. And here we are!

Who We Serve

We provide a service for people around the world that have access to the internet and are looking to add value and progress to their lives, families, communities, animals and earth.

What You Receive

You are always receiving great value and progress towards relevant life that means the most to you. This is the number one reason Involved.Earth is your best choice. Your professional office is the tool with great resources that allows you to recruit likeminded great individuals making progress in life. Progress is the only key to fulfilling life. We ensure this by getting on “the same page” for the immediate and long term value of your life and future.

Our Values

Our culture and values are to impact the world by continually making life better and adding value for our clients and staff through positive lifestyles, time value, and making the internet as human as possible. Our people are not internet experiments, rather loved and supported individuals and we will not sell or rent personal information, contact or detailed information. No misleading feed algorithms, and No behavioural data behind Involved.Earth. We are always looking for great talent to take our platform to the next level. Our excellent work culture for staff is everything in making your personal experience with us a success.