About Involved

Where We Are From
Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

Our Mission
To provide a place where people can come together for discussion on important issues that will increase quality of life.

Our Values
A winning environment of integrity and progress that strengthens us all in our ethical and sustainable needs.

Who Gets Involved?

People of all ages taking action with their lives, families and communities.

What You Receive

Continual progress for what means the most in your life.

How It Works

Wellness Media... the next generation of social media that exchanges great ideas and solutions for life. Involved.Earth has something for everyone who is pasionate about positive healthy communities we are proud to call home.


Building Strong People Communities

 Your life is important and its never been easier to empower personal, family and community progress.

You And Family

Daily family communication on your own private network for those you care about. Communicate with family like never before with Family Video Conferencing, Family Video Chats, Family Messenger and more.


Involved Neighbourhoods and Community Spaces give opportunities for a new level of security and community boosting. Block parents, safe neighbourhoods, local patrols. There are endless opportunities. If you don't see it, you can create it here at Involved.Earth

 Non Profit

People non profit organizations using Involved.Earth get an edge with their time sensitive challenges in making the lives of people around the world more valuable and secure.

Global Kindness

Kindness is the answer for solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. We believe a kinder world is possible, and we’re here to make it happen. 


Building Strong Animal Communities 

Coexisting balance with 8.5 million species is remarkable. We must preserve the food chain and boundaries of wild and domestic animals.

Our Pets

As consumers we all want the best for our pets and domestic animals. Getting involved for our pets gives way to ethical pet sourcing and wellness as a whole.

Well Being

The use of animals and species for global consumers has had a massive impact on species survival and climate change. All species play a vital role in a sustainable climate on Earth. Getting Involved with wildlife protection and sustainability is what we can do.

Non Profit

Animal non profit organizations using Involved.Earth get an edge with their time sensitive challenges in making the lives of animals and species around the world sustainable and secure. 


Building Strong Earth Communities 

Communities getting involved for a sustainable earth, reclaiming the earth, earth conscious lifestyles as consumers, and environmental strategies. 

Earth Conscious Consumers

Earth's climate challenges and sustainability are mostly consumer related. We must take action with how we consume goods and services in respect to the environment and safety of consumers. 

Well Being And Protection

Getting Involved with protecting the earths resources and environment through reclamation and public policy.

Non Profit

Earth non profit organizations using Involved.Earth get an edge with their time sensitive environmental challenges around the world.